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The impact of Jonathan's work goes beyond words for me. At times of complete despair, anger, grief and confusion, even at times when I have felt so stuck, Jonathan's work has created an opening for me which gets to the heart of the problem almost immediately, not just mentally, and emotionally but also spiritually. Many other methods of support and therapy take months even years to do this. Working with Jonathan has opened up my world, allowing me to take the steps myself towards integrating authenticity in my life, giving me mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual integration. His work has helped me to feel a sense of being complete, in fact at peace

His incredibly intuitive knowing, together with an acute discernment for people and their true potential V's the false veneer, is a gift. I am and will always be immensely grateful to him for his coaching support, and the resulting transformational work.
Robin, PR & Media

Jonathan has three of the classic advantages that we want in a therapist. Firstly, you can tell him anything. I can't imagine Jonathan ever being shocked or dismayed or speechless when faced by any problem. Sometimes, my issues are so large, sometimes so trivial - but always important to me. I feel that I can always dump them on him. Secondly, Jonathan is teaching you a way of handling problems. Roughly this is - you have moved away from your fundamental strengths, and, as soon as you get back there, then everything will be OK. Your strengths must include your heart, your body, and your spirit, all in harmony. Easier said than done, but that's why we need someone to help us. Lastly, I enjoy sessions with Jonathan for their entertainment value. There is a lot of humour, and moving around; how you hold your body. I always finish in a positive mood.
Jeremy B

Jonathan's coaching sessions helped me to truly connect with myself and gave me the courage to pursue my creative passions. Although creative expression was my true heart's desire I lacked the courage to go forward and the self-belief in my skills and gifts. Jonathan helped me to gently examine and embrace those fears while taking small steps toward making desired changes. A year on and those steps are getting bigger and bigger and these days if fear comes up I'm equipped with tools to acknowledge it and work with it, which I find incredibly empowering. Jonathan's ability to truly listen and reflect on what he heard is unique, as is the fun and creative way in which he meets whatever is coming up in the moment during the session. I felt very safe to share and open up in the space that he created and the insights from the sessions stayed with me and allowed for the spontaneous unfolding of changes. I recommend Jonathan as a coach with all my heart.
Bojana London

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