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What Does It Mean To Live Courageously?


What Does It Mean To Live Courageously?

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Courageous Living Coaching London

Would you like to live more bravely?

Are you stuck? Lost? Bored? Lacking direction or purpose?

Are you going through the motions?

Do you feel inauthentic or like an imposter or a fraud?

Are you uninspired, persistently comparing yourself to others and feeling worse off?

Are you over concerned with what others think, perfectionistic or over-controlling?


My mission is to help you discover who you truly are so that you may live and love with more clarity, courage and compassion.

It is my firm belief that to show up as your 'authentic self' each and every day is the greatest act of courage that you can ask of yourself.


Clarity - I will guide you to make clear the fog surrounding how you would like to show up in the world and why - your authentic self is your essence, it is what makes you YOU. Getting clear about who you are and what matters most to you creates a foundation and stability in your body from which to create forward movement.

Courage - We find courage in our Heart and inner strength in our body. Choosing courage is not the easy option. What is the risk if you do choose courage? And what is the risk if you don't? You will find and engage with your courage to make steps towards your more authentic life. Together we will face and move through the patterns, beliefs and blocks that hold you back.

Self-compassion - Engaging with this work will challenge you on many levels. When we practice courage, we will falter. It is a sign that we are doing it 'right'. It is essential to learn how to be kind to ourselves in the process and this is part of my work.

"Self compassion is one of the biggest sources of strength and resilience available to us." Kristin Neff, one of the leading researchers in self compassion and author of "Self Compassion, stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind"

Scarcity to "I am Enough"
Perfectionism to Self-Compassion
Procrastination to Action
Stress and Anxiety to Ease and Calm
Fear to Courage, Creativity and Innovation
Disconnection to Connection, Empathic Communication and Joyful Relationships
Self-Criticism to Self-Kindness
Fear of What Others Think to An Authentic Belief in Ourself
Half Hearted Living to Wholehearted Living

What Our Clients Say

Working with Jonathan has proved to be an unexpectedly life-enhancing experience. It has provided me with levels of personal enrichment and understanding that I would not have dreamed possible. It has...

Doctor Peter M.

My Life is opening. My Life is lighter. My World is feeling safer. I recognise my readiness to accept how certain things are and to have the courage to move through and beyond the things that I chose ...

Jonathan is an exceptionally beautiful human being...An angel who has shone authentic light across my true birthright....

L.S Company Director

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